VDA QMC Training

We offer an excellent and quality service with official validity by VDA QMC that allows you to demonstrate the required competence within the organization.


Courses are held in small groups in order to have enough time for an exchange of experiences and for our instructors to answer your questions.

In house

We offer efficiency, flexibility and a practical approach during in-house training and all VDA qualification courses can be carried out directly at your company.

In-house training simultaneously qualifies your organization's employees to a uniform level of knowledge, and internal groups strengthen cooperation and promote effective internal communication.


The use of digital platforms for learning helps to attract more professional attention, and are gaining greater importance in the 4.0 industry.
We offer training that is designed and implemented based on the VDA QMC Learning Management System.
Our training is carried out regardless of location using a video conferencing system. All you need is a laptop/PC with a camera and microphone.

The ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 standard defines the specific requirements of the automotive industry. More specifically, it defines the requirements in the industry as a whole.

The certification as IATF 16949 already has the fundamental requirements (ISO 9001:2015 to be included in the supply chain of the automotive industry).

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In order to enable a uniform and comparable assessment of quality management systems, processes, products and services for automotive manufacturers, their suppliers and associated service organisations, VDA QMC has developed quality standards for the German automotive industry which are described in VDA volumes 6.x.

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The use of quality management methods supports the specific implementation of a quality management system and helps organizations identify customer requirements, reduce risks and make business processes more efficient.

Depending on the specific phase of product realization, various methods are available to improve products and product characteristics. These trainings offer a range of tools that have proven to be particularly successful in practice.

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In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute, we offer qualifications on the subject of Technical Cleaning VDA 19.2.

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